Savvy Growth Hacking Strategies

Smart Digital is a growth-minded digital marketing service firm located in Atlanta, Georgia.

Our Growth Hacking Definition, Process and Approach

How do we define growth hacking?

Growth hacking is the intersection of smart digital marketing tactics + modern code hacking techniques. The fusion empowers smart marketers and savvy coders with the ability to accelerate the growth of an online business or web application with hacking strategies.

What’s our growth hacking process?

Our process is pragmatic and strategic. Anthony Ragland serves as the lead growth hack consultant to Smart Digital clients. Our team begins by auditing your analytics and digital brand experience. Next, Anthony conducts a series of growth strategy & planning meetings with your team. Then, we execute your growth plan throughout your digital brand experience.

What’s our growth hacking approach?

Our approach improves your customer acquisition cost and retention rates. Our mission is to connect your business to digital platforms and position your brand to targeted online communities. Our objective is to organically grow your revenue by improving your digital brand experience and customer satisfaction levels. Our inspiration comes from your vision for success.

When you partner with us, we commit to work hard and smart for you … we work to find you digital media traction, to help you achieve product/market fit, and to exponentially grow your revenue. We brainstorm big ideas with you and our team growth hacks them with precision.

Our Growth Hacking Skills and Abilities