Monetize Your Digital Results

We Monetize Underperforming Web Properties.

Web Analytics AuditWe’ve all heard what Albert Einstein said by now … you know, “insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. Probably a little harsh when applied to the average Joe or Jane … but well stated when applied to underperforming websites.  Truth is, most online businesses have an insane digital strategy.

Fortunately for our clients, they have us. Because we have Smart Digital strategies. Pun intended.

Our intentions are bold. We want you to have a digital strategy that positively influences your customers and negatively impacts your competitors.

Growth Hacking Services

We do growth hacker $hit … sometimes we’re untraditional. We’re prone to stay up all night and have strokes of genius. We have a theory that all great marketers and developers were great hackers first.

Growth hacking is a mindset. Marketers, developers and hackers innovate, we don’t invent.  – Anthony M. Ragland, Chief Digital Marketer

Anthony Ragland is the senior growth consultant to Smart Digital clients. He conducts a digital needs assessment and leads you through a series of growth strategy meetings. The meeting takeaways and data analysis will be used to create a 90-day growth hack plan for your company.
The plan will outline quick and impactful growth hack strategies to rapidly increase your digital KPIs, leads, sign-ups, and customers. Upon approval of your 90-day plan, Smart Digital marketers and developers will growth hack your plan for the remainder of our engagement.

Deliverable: Consulting, Analysis, Strategy Meetings, Project Management, & Tactical Execution

Engagement: 4-6 Months

Digital Marketing Management

Digital marketing success is a long-term initiative. True success is measured in quarters and years.

The Smart Digital marketing management program is for clients with a long-term vision for success. This program is for clients who want to strengthen their internal teams and build sustainable brand awareness, powerful marketing systems, and scalable business results.

We solve online business, marketing and sales problems. We take your digital burdens away … and produce digital solutions that will make your customers happy and competitors wonder what’s happening. We collaborate with your company to
strategize and execute integrated digital marketing campaigns that achieve short-term wins and long-term results. We guarantee improved performance results. Double digital percentage improvements are the norm.

Deliverable: Consulting, Analysis, Strategy, Project Mgmt, Marketing, PR, UX/UI, & Tactical Execution

Engagement: 6-12 Months