Digital Marketing Case Study

Case Study of a Financial Services Company

In this detailed case study, you’ll learn how I increased a financial services company’s online leads over 427% and non-paid SEO traffic over 34%.


In 2009, our principal was hired by a financial services company as their lead marketer. The company was in critical digital condition. They needed to quickly produce more online leads and monetize their website. They operated a call center and employed over 120 telephone agents who were facing layoffs or termination if inbound leads were not increased quickly.


The financial services company owned a premium domain name and their website had decent search engine rankings. The website produced approximately 18,000 unique website visitors per month and approximately 15 pre-qualified online leads per day.

Upon analysis of their Google Analytics data, I learned most of their website traffic was referred from third-party partner websites and branded search terms. Upon auditing their website, I realized that their website was poorly optimized for the search engines and their user interface was poorly designed and written. The user experience of the website was generic, imagery cookie-cutter, and it lacked personalization.


Within the first 90 days, I upgraded their homepage, about pages, product pages and landing pages by incorporating search engine optimization and conversion rate optimization techniques.

Some of the upgrades included:

  • wrote direct response content with call to action triggers
  • directed company photo shoot of staff and offices for digital channels
  • incorporated trust imagery, accreditation logos and social media icons
  • upgraded customer service experience to be more customer-friendly
  • prominently placed written testimonials, recorded audio/video testimonials, and incorporated customer success storytelling
  • created service-specific landing pages to replace generic landing pages
  • A/B split tested landing pages to determine best performing pages
  • conducted extensive keyword and competitor research to determine the most desirable short-tail and long-tail search terms
  • cleaned the HTML, CSS and JavaScript to improve load speed
  • fixed issues with website structure, navigation, and page hierarchy
  • rewrote relevant, keyword-centric headlines, subheadings and body copy
  • implemented an aggressive link building strategy to acquire top-tier links

The results exceed expectations. I increased the company’s online leads 427% by implementing UI/UX upgrades, conversion rate optimization techniques, and SEO tactics; and increased the non-paid SEO traffic over 34% to the financial services company website.

The results cemented a solid digital footprint for the financial services company. The company has grown into one of top financial services companies in their industry.