This Is A Test To See If You’re Smart


Are you ready to start. Here’s a softball question for you … Would you rather have a flip phone or a smart phone? Obviously a smart phone, right … unless you want to seem creepy or old-school. Not me. Here’s a hardball question … Would you rather have an outdated website or a smart website? […]

Here’s Two Secrets To Online Revenue Growth


When you think about online business and revenue growth … what do you think about? How do you measure online success? One of the secrets to online revenue growth is identifying and defining your measures of success. Let’s start by thinking in terms of potential outcomes. The only digital business model that works on the […]

Here’s Why You Should Use LinkedIn® for B2B Marketing in 2015


Hello … and thanks for visiting. I’m excited to share what I’ve learned about LinkedIn B2B marketing with you today. My name is Anthony Ragland. I’m a digital marketing consultant with 15 years of hands-on experience helping companies and clients achieve online growth and increase revenue. Personally, LinkedIn is my favorite social media network. Why? […]